Subnautica mods


Life underwater is quite different from anything we can observe on the ground. And now imagine that there is an ocean somewhere on an alien planet, albeit much bigger than ours, and it’s crawling with unknown fauna species. This is exactly the kind of setting you find yourself in after crash-landing on some god forsaken planet. The safety capsule that broke away from your ship fell into the water and you ended up surrounded by a vast extension of an extraterrestrial sea with no way out. Now you have to survive at the bottom of this weird ocean as long as possible until your comrades hurry to the rescue. Use resources found in the capsule to make your first steps on this unexplored surface. Investigate the surrounding world to discover useful resources and materials that can be turned into food, instruments and other handy stuff. You can craft just about anything, from a bottle of drinkable water to a supercomplex submarina. The game will also stun you with incredible underwater views. Colorful alien fishes, splendid coral reefs, mysterious caves and crevices hide quite a number of secrets you are about to uncover. Build your own ocean base and try to furnish it with comfort providing yourself with all necessary means of existence!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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