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What do you think of games that aren’t complete? Do you like to play the bestselling application, or you prefer one that is still on the stage of development? There are different pros and cons, for instance, when you play something that is well-known, you can get some pieces of advice, and when you are among the first gamers, you may improve the gameplay, and contribute to the game development. Here you can find some information about the Subnautica with cheats that is still in the process of creation, but offers you plenty of interesting things you can do there.

Your main goal is to survive in this new world, but this is mission hardly possible. To make things clear, you will see many remnants of other explorers, who tried to conquer this world, but they failed, and now different objects remind you of this cruel and unexpected place. The next interesting thing is that you can craft practically everything, if you have enough resources. To get necessary materials, you should search for them in unusual places, and this is a tuff task. Except the underwater sceneries, you will find different places that aren’t aquatic. You can see various stations and territories that are situated on land, and they are amazing to explore as well.

You can construct your own home underwater, and furnish it the way you like. You can choose any place for your house, and there are plenty of biomes that are available, and you should know all the peculiarities of each of them. There are picturesque place that your eye can feast on, and creepy territories that are very scary and impossible to live in. As all human beings, you need to eat food and drink water, and you need to find those resources on the land. There is a story that is told you, and you can learn many secrets about the underwater. If you have enough time to spend it in a new place, Subnautica is waiting for you!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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