Sea Dragon


Do you like ocean life? If you want to know more about the marine creatures, and test your ability to act rationally in stressful situations, you can try a new game that is called Subnautica. You will be a fearless explorer, whose main task is to survive underwater, and this is hardly possible. There are many dangers around you, including starvation, thirst, predators and other unexpected moments.

If you have ever imagined yourself being a traveler without any bothering, but couldn’t fulfill your dream, Subnautica gives you a wonderful opportunity to become one. You will not only try to survive, but you should build your own submarine, and craft many other useful things. But you can achieve this goal, only if you collect items, necessary for the construction. The game is still in the process of development, and there are some things that should be fixed. One of such drawbacks for now is that you have no idea what resources you have to collect for crafting this or that object. Well, there is a certain table, but it doesn’t give the full information, and there are much more things that you can do.

You should think not only about building, but about exploring as well. Your provision will come to end very quickly, and you should know how and where you can get more. You can explore not only underwater world, but also dry land and stations in the open sea; you may find traces of other investigators, who tried to discover the secrets of Subnautica, but couldn’t do it. Don’t forget that you can construct traps, but other inhabitants of the ocean can do it as well, so be cautious. If you manage to survive in first ten seconds, you need to learn how to balance oxygen and diving for materials. Subnautica isn’t difficult, but very alluring, and you will spend there many hours, in order to know more about this mysterious place.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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