Subnautica hack


Travelling is very dangerous, and you should be ready to face any troubles during your vacation. One nice man decided to go underwater, and this idea wasn’t the best one. He is trapped in a strange place that is full with creepy aquatic creatures, and he has very little supplies to live here. He should not only survive here, but come back home, if possible. This is a very short description of Subnautia, and if you are interested in survival, you can learn a lot more!

After you understand that your life is concentrated on food and fresh water, you need to know that you should have enough of them, and don’t forget about the oxygen. Eating and hiding from various predators isn’t the only sense of the game: you will craft many useful things that will help you to survive. This game isn’t finished yet, so there are some moments that may bewilder you. For instance, you won’t find the whole list of things that you should mix to construct something. You should try different variants, sometimes you will leave your cozy submarine to find resources, and please, be careful, and watch the level of oxygen. If you construct perfect submarine, storage houses and other tools, you will be able to explore more and go deeper. You will notice that all creatures are depicted accurately, and this is what the authors are proud of. Reveal the secrets of this place, and find out the secrets about this brand new world that isn’t friendly to you, and is waiting for your error to gobble you.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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