Subnautica update


What is your favorite place on the Earth? High mountains, waterfalls, snowy icebergs, rivers and oceans – there are so many beautiful spots that you may be bewildered by the amount of them. But if you like different sea creatures, there is a nice solution for you, and you should check the Subnautica out with new update. In real life it is almost impossible to go underwater and reveal all the secrets that its depth hides. If you are eager to feel as an advanced explorer, you get a perfect chance to inscribe your name into the world history.

Subnautica is still on the stage of development, but you can find plenty of interesting things there. You can create the whole world on your own, and there are many things you can start with. First of all, your main goal is surviving, and this is not that easy because of many things. You can find traces of other explorers, who tried to unravel the mysteries of this unfamiliar world, and failed. You can prove to everyone that you can do better, and start creating your environment. You can craft many amazing objects, and there aren’t any limits to your imagination. You should travel underwater, and find necessary resources, but there are also different sea stations and territories on the dry land, where you can see useful objects.

Though Subnautica isn’t complete, it is growing with each day. You can test it, and report your ideas about improvement to the authors. Various sea creatures will greet you, while you are making your daily tour through the underwater world. Thos game is interesting to play, because you may open it to kill a couple of minutes while waiting in a line, but you can spend many hours there as well. If you are ready to face unexpected meetings and fight with unknown creatures, then Subnautica is something that you desperately need!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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