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Diving is a popular and exciting pastime allowing us to catch a glimpse of the exquisite underwater realm with its beautiful coral reefs, exotic fish species and other wonders that can’t be seen on earth. But how about diving on another planet? Subnautica invites you to take part in an amazing underwater trip and explore the bottom of an alien ocean where everything, from the smallest algae to the biggest sea monsters, is dangerous for your life. This wonderful construction and exploration game combines elements of sandbox, role playing and cinematic games giving you a feeling of actually roaming the depths of unknown seas and experiencing all the perils it’s full of. To reach the furthest corners of this incredible world and provide yourself with all you need to survive, you’ll have to build submarines and craft other equipment that can come in handy underwater.  It is also a game where you engineering abilities actually matter. The way you construct your vehicle will directly affect its navigability and durability. So choose materials and spare parts properly to create a sturdy base in the middle of the middle of an extraterrestrial ocean and protect it from all the hungry evil creatures lurking in the depth.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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