Subnautica 2017


What things do you need to survive? Of course, it is very difficult, and you need to have enough food and a place, where you can hide. If you like games that give you an opportunity to find yourself in a place, full of mysteries, then Subnautica is waiting for you. Here you will see many interesting objects that will tell you their stories, and you will be amazed with them. You will have two major problems: you may either run out of food and water or got into trouble with a predator. But you are surrounded by so many interesting things that these two missions will be really breathtaking and alluring.

If you like Minecraft, then Subnautica will rejoice you anyway. Here you can craft various objects, but you should find necessary resources at first. Subnautica is a typical sandbox, but it states that you will find there exciting features that include constructing various objects, fighting with monsters and feeding your character. And all this cool things will happen in different locations that are concentrated not only underwater, but on the dry land. You can become a real explorer, and

There are two modes in this unfinished version of Subnautica. This game is on the development stage, but there are plenty of things you can do there even on these conditions. The survival mode keeps you hungry and thirsty, and you are in constant search of food. In freedom mode you are always full, and can devote yourself to the exploration without thinking about eating and drinking. When you find yourself in Subnautica, you have very little time to get food and water, or your journey will end even without a tiny beginning. When you build your submarine, everything will be much easier, and you will be able to visit more locations.

As the game is still unfinished, there are some drawbacks that authors promise to improve. You can test everything here and give your own ideas about the certain moments, and inscribe your name into the history of gaming. There are many amazing things, like traps and navigators that will make your life easier, and the process of playing funnier. The Subnautica world is so wide and deep that you can spend hundreds of hours trying to reveal its secrets, and it will still have plenty of them!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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