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Game Subnautica online

Survival games have become one of the most popular genres of online entertainments lately. Indeed, in our comfortable civilized world, there aren’t enough opportunities to test out physical strength and survival skills. But each of us should be able to act quickly and decisively in a tough situation we can get in any minute. That’s why games like Subnautica will always be in demand. And not only because of their realistic, adventurous and challenging gameplay. This highly detailed and incredibly fascinating underwater world of an alien planet will charm you with its spectacular views and amazing atmosphere!

Lost underwater

According to the story, you are a space traveler hurled into the depth of an alien ocean after your ship crashed and you were forced to perform a crash landing. You managed to survive, but your safety capsule ended up at the bottom of the sea with no apparent way of getting to the surface. Chances that someone will pass by and notice the shipwreck are pretty slim, because the planet is far away from the crowded routes. So you’ll have to apply your best effort and stick out to the end using anything that might come in handy to prolong your existence.

What shall we begin with? For starters, there is still some water and food in the capsule. That will suffice for you to explore your closest surroundings and hopefully discover some useful resources and materials. The game supports an extensive crafting system. That means you can combine stuff you find into various items you are going to need in this not very human-friendly place. You can start by creating basic supplies and instruments and gradually move on to building tech-packed submarines and huge underwater stations where you can live and work with comfort – and, most importantly, safely…

Dangers and challenges

Yes, this enigmatic extraterrestrial sea is crawling with monsters eager to taste your flesh. Luckily, they don’t spend a lot of time simply swimming around. Moving in the open area, you can feel more or less protected from the perils of the alien underwater environment. However, once you decide to set foot in one of the murky sea caves (and you are going to have to do it anyway, since your goal is to explore as much territory as possible), you risk being eaten by one of the terrible creatures lurking there.

Life underwater is harsh, especially on a foreign planet. But the views are simply stunning! The visual element of the game is implemented on the highest level. Elaborately animated algae, alien flowers and quirky marine species show how much work has been put into this project. The atmospheric sounds and amazing music accompanying your underwater trips will complete the impression of being lost in the middle of an extraterrestrial ocean, many light years away from your home planet… So if you want to experience a realistic survival adventure in a setting that combines the beauty of the deep sea and the thrill of a space odyssey, Subnautica is just what you need!