Subnautica Below Zero


Are you ready to find out about civilization of aliens? Then get on the board of a space ship and let’s go! You are a part of a scientific team of researchers, who are going for a dangerous and very important trip to the outer space. Your destination is a mysterious 4546B planet, particularly its region that is covered with snow and ice. The conditions are really tough, so get ready for a serious trip. Your aim is to see and study the deep waters of the ocean. There you will find various things that will tell you more about the inhabitants of this planet. Also, you will discover flora & fauna of the unknown world of aliens. Some representatives will be helpful and smart, while the other will try to defeat you, so be attentive. It is not that easy to predict which animals are hostile or kind and helpful, when you meet them for the first time!

One day, the problem occurs. The base where your fellow-scientists are regulating the investigation, sending commands to you, is ruined. Now your life is in your own hands, so take responsibility and make your living on the unknown planet. While your main considerations are safety, provision, warmth, and survival strategies. However, your calling in life is to be a scientist, so you cannot stop being him just because your life is in danger. All in all, there is no way something could stand on the way of your discovery, so you continue your searches. What will you meet on your way? The planet is inhabited with various animals, plants, and marine creatures you have never seen before. So continue discovering the new areas of the ocean and take care of your life. Now you are all alone on this planet. Find out more about the history of this place and figure out the secret that stands behind the commanders of your research group. This bright title can boast of realistic and amazingly-drawn sceneries, well-thought characters, and unusual environment you have never seen anywhere before.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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