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Imagine that you set off for a journey that is very dangerous and can cause many troubles. If you don’t hunt for adrenalin in real life, it doesn’t mean that you can travel in time and space. You should just open your favorite game, and new emotions will come to you immediately. And if you have never been underwater, Subnautica opens this world to you!

You will find yourself in the middle of the ocean, without knowing where to swim. To survive in this hostile world you have to build your first submarine. You will dive in order to find necessary resources, and here you should control the amount of oxygen, because you can die in the beginning of the game. Your first home will be primitive, but with its help you can go deeper, and find better resources that you may use for crafting a new submarine that can go even deeper. There are places that are too narrow, and you have to leave your vessel. In this case you can learn more, but again, everything depends on the oxygen level, so don’t forget to upgrade oxygen tank too.

You will meet numerous aquatic creatures that will like real. This is possible because of the thorough work of the developers, and they still work on their product. You can become one of the first people, who test Subnautica, and write your ideas to the authors. Remember that here you may die not only because of the attack of predators, but of hunger and thirst as well. That is why you should think of food and fresh water beforehand, and develop your stores. Subnautica is about an alien place, but our underwater world is unexplored, and keeps plenty of secrets in it. So, who knows, maybe this game will ever become real?


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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