Subnautica 2


Subnautica 2 is a sandbox game with an open world created by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. The main feature of the release is that the story unfolds in an alien ocean where your spaceship crashed after an accident. There is only one survivor and it’s you. You have a rescue capsule where you can craft food, water and other items. Other than that, you have no supplies or instrument to survive in this harsh environment, so you’ll have to craft everything on your own from materials and objects you find on the bottom.

The surrounding waters are full of dangerous creatures. Although few of them will hunt you down or attack you on purpose, it’s better to stay away from any unknown representatives of local fauna you encounter. Nights on this planet are quite short and pass quickly. The monsters don’t get any more dangerous at night, the only disadvantage is that it gets dark.

Although Subnautica is only available in early beta at the moment, you can already see that it’s characterized by high-quality graphics, little amount of bugs and splendid design of the underwater world. Even the animation of water trickling down your breathing mask when you emerge to the surface or the way a bathyscaphe enters your submarine are incredibly spectacular. One should also mention superb sound effects and music that consists of really cool electronic tracks. Playing Subnautica, you really feel like swimming in an alien ocean, even with your eyes closed!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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